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  1. Rumored GSlll specs
  2. Samsung Galaxy S3 may have 10 million pre-orders
  3. Galaxy S III coming to Sprint!!
  4. Samsung Galaxy S3 accessories revealed !
  5. Samsung preparing Tizen baed Galaxy S3
  6. Galaxy S3 vs. iPhone 5
  7. Samsung: Why pentile screen on GS3?
  8. Galaxy S3 pre orders hit 9 million - full capacity!
  9. Samsung Galaxy S3 S-voice pulled ! download now!
  10. GSMArena Samsung Galaxy S III Review
  11. Galaxy S3 made of polycarbonate material not plastic !
  12. Will you still purchase the Galaxy S3 if it only has a 2 Core CPU not 4 Cores ?
  13. Samsung Galaxy S3 Epic 4G LTE
  14. Samsung S III Spills its Guts: Samsung Galaxy S III Teardown...
  15. Sprint and Verizon Galaxy S3 makes visit to FCC
  16. Samsung Galaxy S III coming to AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, Verizon Wireless & US Cellular
  17. Question will the Sprint Galaxy S3 have a true LTE radio and data speeds?
  18. Red White and Blue Galaxy S3 !
  19. Samsung changes the pebble blue S3 to Metallic Blue
  20. Galaxy SIII Sub-Forum
  21. when do you think the s3 will ship guys
  22. Is the Samsung Galaxy S3 the next Apple victim?
  23. *** official pre order - shipping status - etc ***
  24. Gallery Question
  25. Worldwide GSM on Sprint SIII?
  26. use of ebay batteries in S3
  27. LG into Galaxy
  28. Docs to Go or its equivalent
  29. Yup, I'm a newbie!?I pre-order SIII?!
  30. Samsung Galaxy S III Videos
  31. type and size of micro sd card
  32. Phone size Samsung Galaxy III
  33. No injunction...for now!
  34. Canada’s Galaxy S III extended as ‘unprecedented demand’ pushes release to June 27
  35. US version bringing earphones?
  36. Galaxy S3 and techtile
  37. Sprint's Official Video for the Samsung Galaxy S3
  38. Where are all of the cases!?
  39. Is the SIII worth the upgrade from an SII?
  40. Sprint SIII - International w/sim?
  41. Store release date!?!?!!?
  42. Official: Galaxy S3 ROM Thread !
  43. Official: Galaxy S3 ROM Thread !
  44. The Verge Sprint S3 Hands On
  45. Samsung Galaxy S III smartphone aims high, falls short...
  46. 16 or 32 gig version
  47. is there a way to pull the status bar up on the web browser without scrolling all the
  48. How to send text to more than 10 people?
  49. GPS and data much better with this phone
  50. How to fix Home Button delay
  51. Samsung Galaxy S III Completely sold out
  52. Secret spring trade up program ending on June 30th or clerk bluffing?
  53. Are YOU looking for a car dock?
  54. Tracking Number Given!
  55. My Complaints (Minor) About the GIII....
  56. Driving Mode Shortcut
  57. Surf and Talk at the same time
  58. android jellybean 4.1 update available via kies
  59. Facebook birthdays not syncing to calendar
  60. Official : Samsung Galaxy SIII Pictures Thread !
  61. text message error
  62. Quick question about GS3 alarms
  63. SGS3 store availability report
  64. So How's The GPS Functionality??
  65. RadioShack has Galaxy SIII for 149
  66. Can someone PLEASE post a screenshot of what the text messaging looks like?
  67. Screen rotatin ?
  68. Do I even need a screen protector?
  69. Confirmed: the GSIII Web browser will not reformat text when you zoom
  70. How do I turn off camera sound
  71. Pandora on 3g
  72. WIFI Connects, but no internet
  73. LED Blinking Issues
  74. Calendar Customer Ringtone Issue
  75. System update
  76. if you bought at Best Buy, get them to pricematch RS for the $149.99
  77. Can you tether with a SGSlll?
  78. Anyone with a 16gb, that now wishes they had gotten a 32gb
  79. Where to find 32GB Samsung Galaxy 3 phones?
  80. Galaxy S III wifi turns on by itself??
  81. Swipe for screen shot?
  82. Connect To USB default to charging?
  83. FYI - New Update rolling out LG2 7-9-12
  84. New 2nd update kills search functionality?
  85. S3 screen didn't look a good as S2!?!
  86. First Samsung phone....few questions
  87. Storage Card:
  88. Ringing Bell Sound
  89. How do you get Polaris Viewer on SIII
  90. Samsung Galaxy SIII gets top marks from Consumer Reports !
  91. Can you change shortcuts on lock screen
  92. From EVO 4g LTE to GSIII?
  93. Screen Mode
  94. Mail App.
  95. Already on second S3 still not working.
  96. BB White Exclusive
  97. Wifi autoconnect
  98. How's the battery life ?
  99. Notification Vibration
  100. How is the 3g reception?
  101. Email accounts disappearing
  102. Email notification icon stays after reading
  103. Battery Issues?
  104. sg3 album organization
  105. Google Wallet Not Working on SIII
  106. On screen settings bar?
  107. My Galaxy feels like an oven
  108. Is it worth upgrading from the S2 to S3?
  109. Limiting background running apps !!!
  110. Camera doesn't work
  111. SG3 Radios
  112. Now that Swype is gone,... next best???
  113. New Update!!!
  114. Coming from EVO, EVO 3D, few ?'s
  115. Dead Space
  116. Looking for a phone cup holder for car !!!
  117. Moving apps and media to SD card
  118. Alternative for AIRAVE...
  119. Where can I find the icons list ?
  120. update notification annoyance for rooted phone
  121. S3 Airave issues
  122. Set Peak/Off-Peak times for Email app
  123. Text Message Issues
  124. Turn Off WiFi - Constantly coming on!
  125. galaxy precedent
  126. How To Move From SG II to SG III
  127. Picture Frame widget question
  128. NFC chip built into Battery??
  129. Question about internal SD
  130. My Galaxy S3 Purchase Story
  131. Samsung SIII VS SII radio signal issues
  132. Remove Duplicates on Calendar?
  133. Contacts
  134. My journey to the SGSIII (It's a long read)
  135. Love my Samsung Galaxy SIII, but reception is is not as good as HTC Phones
  136. How well does the Galaxy S3 handle Google Earth 3D buildings
  137. Factory reset doesn't
  138. Battery
  139. Bluetooth Issues with Galaxy S 3 and Fuse Car BT system
  140. Galaxy S III Will Not Connect To Airave
  141. Phone numbers added to Call Reject are being allowed to leave voicemail
  142. S3 disappointments (tail of two phones)
  143. Keyboards...
  144. YouTube not working or playing videos
  145. screen crached in pocket.
  146. Samsung to launch Galaxy S III in four new colors
  147. draw something does not work on my s3
  148. LTE connection results?
  149. Screen not locking when on a call Galaxy S 3
  150. Apple officially files for an injunction against the Galaxy S3
  151. battery draining too fast
  152. cell signal
  153. Just me or most frustrating smart phone?
  154. cant get cwm to flash to my SGS3. help?
  155. ROM selection
  156. ROM ideas?
  157. SG III at HSN
  158. Husbands gs3 has screen burn in.
  159. Screen mirroring
  160. Samsung Galaxy S3 Battery Replacement?
  161. Error Code 97 and Code 34...Please help
  162. Should I buy this phone
  163. Update question
  164. $50 Galaxy S III 11/23 Black Friday only.
  165. New Update L710VPLI3
  166. DATA Usage Warning
  167. Show me your Galaxy S3 network data speeds
  168. Cannot Mount as USB Mass Storage, ***?!
  169. Can anyone tell me what an MTP device is?
  170. Does data limit = hotspot as well?
  171. Recommend a Better Music App
  172. Samsung Galaxy SIII sales hot!
  173. 1 issue with new Galaxy S3
  174. water droplet touch sound keeps coming back
  175. My moms new gs3 is acting up.
  176. Samsung S3 Car Charger
  177. Album Artwork Not Correct
  178. Just got an update - but not sure what it is?
  179. GS3 $100 Sunday 10/14 only at Best Buy
  180. Offical Swype missing voice option
  181. When will Sprint get a new color of the S3?
  182. You Tube issue
  183. SG3 can be used in Europe and Asia?
  184. screenshot clarity
  185. S III starts getting Jellybean today
  186. I hated to do it, but...
  187. Cracks on my Galaxy S3- plastic
  188. Cheapest places to get a new SIII now?
  189. WorldStarHipHop (Flash Type Video Site) not working on S3?
  190. emergency alerts doesnt work
  191. Official : Jelly Bean update for the Samsung Galaxy SIII
  192. Samsung Galaxy S3 32gb
  193. Fox-fi
  194. S3 Switching to handset from bluetooth..
  195. Random reboots since JB?
  196. problem downloading files after update
  197. S2 user going to S3
  198. Love Jellybean
  199. SD Card
  200. Screen Issue
  201. Multiple bluetooth devices
  202. "Android is upgrading" after reboot
  203. Galaxy S3 takes No. 1 position in smartphone market
  204. Jelly Bean Easter Egg
  205. So I went to a LTE area to check it out on S3, need input..
  206. Calendar sync issue after Jellybean update
  207. Samsung GS3 Walmart, Black Friday..
  208. Wireless Tether Now Working
  209. S3 now randomly restarting
  210. Camcorder recordings not playing, what is going?
  211. Third Party "Tap to Top" Motion
  212. CM10 3G data drops
  213. Texts coming in multiple times
  214. Changing from EVO to SGIII
  215. Flash for GS III
  216. Sprint version of Samsung Galaxy S3.....
  217. Jelly Bean?
  218. Google.com Search on JB
  219. Allshare dongle?
  220. Micro SD or Ultra Micro SD..
  221. GS3 or The galaxy note 2
  222. Weird icon
  223. Sprint GS3 Wi-Fi Issue
  224. Galaxy S3 loses wifi signal
  225. conference calling
  226. Bluetooth HID peripherals
  227. Jelly Bean and new issues with it on SGS3
  228. GS3 camera focus issues
  229. Windows Bluetooth driver for S III?
  230. Error Codes on S3
  231. How to Restore Lost Pictures on Galaxy SIII Phone with Sprint
  232. Cyanogenmod 10.1 stable
  233. samsung G3 settings or software?
  234. Rooted Galaxy S3 Apps
  235. Slow charging!
  236. Sending text or mms to multiple receipients replies to all
  237. Anybody experience "Sudden Death" with their S3?
  238. Austin Texas: Total frustration. Speeds of 245 kbs!
  239. email failing
  240. New GS3 Modem
  241. NBA League Pass Mobile w/S3+MHL adapter?
  242. FYI: Galaxy III battery contact issue
  243. "Insert SIM" error?
  244. Sprint rolling out OTA for GSIII
  245. How To Turn Off Connections Optimizer?
  246. Galaxy X3 voice to text
  247. Memory Card Issues
  248. Samsung MHL HDTV Smart Adapter not working
  249. The case of the disappearing "signal bars"...
  250. Unusual Facebook version
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