Blackberry Bold Touch passed FCC, coming to Sprint soon?

By: t-marco July 11th, 2011

FCC just passed the new Blackberry Bold Touch 9900 / 9930 with code number RDU71CW and RDU72CW featuring CDMA bands and GSM , 3G bands I and VIII. The new Blackberry Bold Touch will feature  a 1.2 GHz processor, 8 GB of onboard memory, 720p HD video recording, dual-band Wi-Fi®, a built-in compass (magnetometer) and Near Field Communication (NFC) technology, Blackberry OS 7.0, 5MP camera with autofocus and flash. This phone looks attractive with 2.8 inches display and provide a resolution 640 x 480 Pixels.It is powered by GSM 850 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 / CDMA 800 / 1900 / HSDPA 900 / 2100 / CDMA2000 1xEV-DO Mhz Operating Frequency.

Stay tuned fore more information


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LG Optimus Slider for Sprint gets Pictured

By: t-marco July 11th, 2011


What do we have here?  .. meet the new  This LG Optimus Slider  for Sprint.  The new Optimus Slider aka Gelato Q aka LS700 is an improved of the  Optimus One, with an addition QWERTY keyboard.  Sources are saying it’s more of a follow-up/sequel than it is a continuation. All the features are still known .. Stay tuned for more information.

HTC promised to unlock bootloaders for the EVO 3D starting August 2011

By: t-marco July 11th, 2011

HTC just posted on its Facebook page that next August, it will start rolling out to unlock bootloaders of the newest devices like EVO 3D and Sensation 4G for T-Mobile.  The process is two-fold: first, HTC pushes a “maintenance release” to the phones, but this won’t mean a thing until step two — releasing the actual unlocking tool — is complete in early September.

“We wanted to provide an update on HTC’s progress with bringing bootloader unlocking to our newest phones. We know how excited some of you are for this capability, and we’ve put significant resources behind making this change as soon as possible. While we wish we could flip a simple switch and unlock all bootloaders across our device portfolio, this is actually a complex challenge that requires a new software build and extensive testing to deliver the best possible customer experience.

We’re thrilled to announce today that software updates to support bootloader unlocking will begin rolling out in August for the global HTC Sensation, followed by the HTC Sensation 4G on T-Mobile USA and the HTC EVO 3D on Sprint. We’re in the testing phase for the unlocking capability now, and we expect it to be fully operational by early September for devices that have received the software updates. We’ll continue rolling out the unlocking capability over time to other devices as part of maintenance releases and new shipments. HTC continues its commitment to unlocking bootloaders and supporting the developer community.

Because of the importance of this community to us, please expect an update on this about every few weeks as we make progress toward launch. Thank you for your patience and continued support!”

Verizon and AT&T Don’t Have Unlimited Plans….

By: Juan July 8th, 2011

…but Sprint does!  Verizon has removed their unlimited plan and that only leaves Sprint with this offer.  How will this offer compete against the larger carriers?  Well, we think it will become a great selling point when people begin to compare rates.  Sure, Verizon and AT&T have the iPhone but with rumors of the device coming to Sprint, it will be very interesting to see how this all plays out.

What are your thoughts?  Does Sprint have a chance?

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Sprint Nexus S 4G will get an update July 11th ?

By: t-marco July 7th, 2011

Apparently, Sprint will be launch a new OTA update for the Nexus S 4G this July 11th.  That should bring a WiMAX settings widget, TTY support, and both “improved Wi-Fi connectivity” and “signal acquisition,” among other things.

Here’s the full list for the GRJ90 update:

  • Enables NFC Secure Element
  • 4G Settings Widget
  • TTY Support
  • NI Push Support (PRL and Device Configuration)
  • Improved WiFi connectivity, speakerphone audio quality, 4G throughput and signal acquisition
  • Tuned signal strength indicators.


SprintFeed‘s leak indicates an initial rollout to Nexus S 4G customers starting next Monday, July 11th, with the full subscriber base coming on board over the course of four days… so we’re looking at less than a week’s wait if this all pans out. Stay tuned.

iPhone on Sprint?

By: Juan July 7th, 2011

The debate continues and the speculations rise as many hopefuls anxiously await word on whether this will really happen or not.  A recent post at  revealed the following tidbits of information.  Enjoy!

Sprint may be next in line to join Apple’s iPhone ranks.

It’s highly probable that a Sprint iPhone will debut before the year’s end, according to Shing Yin, an industry analyst at Citadel Securities.

Because Verizon is ending its unlimited data plans Thursday, and because Sprint features cheaper pricing for comparable plans on AT&T and Verizon, the carrier “could offer an attractive proposition for more price-conscious users (a demographic that we think is increasingly important to Apple following the rise of Android),” and “could be a relatively stronger seller than the Verizon iPhone,” according to Yin.

Evo 3D Heating Up?

By: Juan July 6th, 2011

Not only are the sales of this device as hot as some of our summer temperatures, but there are also reports that the device is heating up internally as well.  Some users have experienced the heat while charging the phone and others report that it heats up when using the camera.

“According to a number of users who have contacted Sprint for support, the issue is a known issue though it’s unclear if the issue is a result of software that still needs to be optimized or if it’s due to some hardware glitches. If it’s a software issue, it would be a fixable issue through a future update, though it’s unclear what implication a hardware defect would be for the flagship smartphone for Sprint’s Now Network as it would probably require users to send in their devices for service or replacement.”  Source

Is your phone showing these signs?

Gingerbread finally arrives on the Sprint Samsung Galaxy Tab

By: t-marco July 5th, 2011

Sprint just announced the upgrade of the operating system of its Samsung Galaxy Tab to the new Android 2.3 well known as Gingerbread. Even Gingerbread is not optimized for tablets, the new upgrade will give you more features like HID Bluetooth  and more stability.

Enjoy the new Gingerbread on your Samsung Galaxy Tab stating today.